Crop identification and Crop Area Estimation: Identify rice fields with its polarimetric responses and scattering mechanisms and estimate the rice acreage accurately.

Crop Condition/Stress: Rice phenological stage retrieval, providing timely and accurate information about rice growth condition, in order to plan cultivation practices (irrigation, fertilization, etc.).

Yield Prediction and Forecasting: A quantitative relationship between polarization variables and rice key parameters (biomass, LAI) will be established. Then, a crop model, taking into account the variation of the time – domain and environmental stress, will be employed for rice yield prediction.

Project Objectives

Mapping Agricultural Areas

Operational Implementation Plan


Estimating Crop Area

Operational Implementation Plan

Field size measurement

Estimating Crop Conditions

Operational Implementation Plan

Crop Conditions

    Site Description

    Landscape Topography
    Typical Field Size
    Climatic ZoneTropics, warm
    Major Crops and Calendars
    Soil Type & Texture
    Soil Drainage Class
      Irrigation Infrastructure
        Other Site Details

        In Situ Observations

        EO Data

        Optical Data Requirements

        SAR Data Requirements

        Passive Microwave Data Requirements

        Thermal Data Requirements


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        Study Team

        Team Leader

      • Name: Wu Bingfang
      • Affiliation: Institute of Remote Sensing Applications-IRSA
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      • Other Team Members

      • Name: Miao Zhang
      • Affiliation: Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI)
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      • Role: Co-Lead
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