2016 Kyiv,Ukraine; Science Meeting Presentations

A summary of the requirements received by 10 October 2016 are in the JECAM Site Summaries condensed spreadsheet

Please be advised that there is an improved and expanded version of the JECAM_Site_Data_Methods_Questions which needs to be filled in by all sites and sent to Alyssa Whitcraft

Meeting Summary and Action Items


Tuesday 11 October 2016 (Day 1)

8:30 Registration and coffee

Opening Session: Chair: Ian Jarvis, JECAM co-lead

9:00 Welcome address, Ian Jarvis, Nataliia Kussul

9:15 Meeting Objective – Pierre Defourny, JECAM co-lead

9:30 JECAM network update and report back from GEOGLAM advisors comittee meeting – Ian Jarvis, JECAM co-lead

9:45  GEOGLAM: status and achievements – Michel Deshayes, GEOGLAM

JECAM meeting Crop Monitor overview Ukraine Inbal Becker Reshef************************************

Justice GEOGLAM Chris Justice

2016 Highlights from JECAM Sites Chair: Nataliia Kussul

10:00 JECAM Site Introductions


11:15 Poster presentations from JECAM sites.

12:30 Lunch

1st Session: Multi-Site Experiments: Updates and Discussion Chair: Pierre Defourny, JECAM co-chair

13:30  Sentinel-2 for Agriculture demonstration over multiple sites, Nicolas Bellemans, UCL

13:50 STARS smallholder farming experiment using VHR time series, X.Blaes and U. Schultess

14:10 SIGMA Cross site initiative, Sven Gilliams, VITO

JECAM Support (STAC database, VEGA platform to share JECAM data, etc)
Yield estimations
Agricultural Trend Analysis

14:30 JECAM experiement about the training sampling density, SIGMA partners:

A- On the effect of sampling schemes on cropland classification accuracy François Waldner
B- Comparison of in-situ, crowd- and landcover-derived data sources to understand their applicability for large scale cropland mapping over JECAM sites across the globe Diego de Abelleyra

14:50 JECAM Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Cross Site Experiments, Andrew Davidson

15:10 New research questions for cross site approach, Chair discussion all

15:30 Coffee Break


2nd Session: Revisiting the EO Data Needs for a Global System of Systems,  Chair: Alyssa Whitcraft, GEOGLAM

16:00 GEOGLAM’s Earth Observation Requirement; R&D Outcomes to Operational Requirements Alyssa Whitcraft

18:00 Adjourn


Wednesday 12 October 2016 (Day 2)

3rd Session: CEOs support and joint protocols for Agriculture Monitoring Chair: Yves Crevier, CSA

9:00 JECAM EO data and in situ data licences, Ian Jarvis

2016 Collection of Radarsat and Sentinel-1 time series Status of Pleiades availability for JECAM sites.

9:20 ESA Sentinel-1, 2 and 3 mission status and data availability, Benjamin Koetz, ESA

Discussion on scientific objectives, processing standards and joint protocols


4th Session: The Way Forward Chair: Pierre Defourny

9:45 JECAM initiative as GEOGLAM R&D component to develop a new generation of agriculture monitoring systems

Open discussion about the way to capitalize JECAM outcomes. Open discussion about the way forward high resolution multi-sensor agriculture monitoring systems

10:45 Opportunities to go forward beyond SIGMA, STARS and Sentinel-2 for Agriculture projects

11:15 Summary, Action Items and Closing Remarks, Ian Jarvis, Pierre Defourny

12:30 End of meeting